See What Others Have to Say About Us

Testimonial #1

“Being out of state, in Canada, I had Errol and Linda help me weed through the volume of available homes, based on the criteria I was looking for. Errol and Linda were great. They took pictures of the properties for me, and sent to me without having to come down there. Eventually, I came down over the weekend and went through the nearly 30 homes they identified. We then narrowed the selection to a few homes for my wife to come down and preview together. This allowed me to sort through all the real estate inventory rather quickly. They didn’t waste time, and were very business like. Errol and Linda are two of the best real estate agents I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been around real estate a long time. They didn’t try to sell me something, which I truly respect. There are plenty of real estate agents that are ‘salesmen’. Errol and Linda are not like that.”

Testimonial #2

“It took Errol less that 48 hours to find us the right home. Errol is really good. We talked on the phone a number of times. Then, he took us around to view 30 or more condos in a day and a half. We made an offer in the second day. We benefitted immensely from Linda and Errol’s knowledge and professionalism. They seemed to have a real good inside track on their line of work. As complicated as the real estate market is, they were easy to trust.”

—Charlie Watkins

Testimonial #3

“What stood out to me in working with Errol was his financial knowledge and profound understanding of investment transactions. Also, Errol never left me hanging for more than a day. He under promises and over delivers, and does what he says he’s going to do. He never tried to sell me what I couldn’t afford. He listened to my needs. I think that’s very important. I’d definitely call him again and refer him to anyone who wants to buy or sell property in the area.”

—China Tyson

Testimonial #4

“What’s unique about Errol and Linda is that they suppliment each other. Linda has artistic flare (she is also an interior design and helped to design our house). Errol is the money guy (he advised us on how to make offers, etc.).
We get the best of both worlds in one.

 When I first met Linda she had another partner. I was really happy with Linda because she wasn’t pushy (her partner turned me off). So, when we needed to turn around and sell our home again, I called Linda, instead of her partner. When I met Errol, he wasn’t pushy either. They just fit with my personality and my wife’s. It was a great match.

 What we love about the two of them is that they present us facts. They care what we want, not maximizing their income. They are good human beings—honest and friendly people and they put our considerations above theirs. To tell you how good they are, they were able to sell our house in the market crash. They sold our house at a reasonable price compared to other homes in the area. They did an exceptional job.”

—David Simonowitz

Testimonial #5

“Errol and Linda came highly recommended to us. We initially wanted a second home on one level at a price range that allowed us to benefit from short sales or foreclosures. Errol and Linda were able to redirect us to expand our search and find us our dream home.

We benefitted from their expertise in short sales, foreclosures, and the local real estate market. Errol and Linda also saved us time and money by screening properties for us. We live in Seattle, so once Errol and Linda knew what we wanted (our needs and wishes), they constantly screened and reviewed properties for us, sending us listings and pictures via email. Occasionally, we received phone calls too.”

—Dorothy Ling

Testimonial #6

When it comes to real estate agents, there is no comparison to Errol and Linda. They aren’t pushy. We explained what we wanted and they delivered what we were looking for. The house remained the selling point. We’ve had those experiences in Calgary before where other agents try to sell us the house rather than the house making the sale. Errol and Linda weren’t like that. They are very polite, very nice people. By all means, I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to anyone looking to buy property in Arizona.”

—Doug Cassell

Testimonial #7

I had been using Zip Realty, getting stuff regularly from them for some time. I planned a 4-day trip to Arizona to look at property. When I client/friend strongly referred me to Errol and Linda, I decided to reserve the first two days with Linda and Errol and the last two with Zip Realty. After spending the first two days with  Linda and ET, I called up Zip Realty and cancelled my meeting with them. Transferance of trust goes a long way. I didn’t need to look any further.

 As a resident of Calgary seeking a secondary home in a new country, I was unfamiliar with the laws, rules, and ways of doing business. Errol and Linda handled pretty much everything. They are truly amazing on every front you could ask for, both professionally and personally. The personal level of service and authenticity that I experienced with Errol and Linda really lacks up here (referring to Calgary). I would gladly recommend anybody and everybody who is thinking of buying property in Arizona.”

—Ed Madro

Testimonial #8

“We moved from Hawaii with no idea which area to move to. Errol and Linda explained every area to us, outlining pros and cons, which allowed us to narrow our selection. With a lot of information on the Internet, Linda helped me weed through a volume of listings, based on our criteria. We decided on 10 homes before booking a flight to Arizona. Once in town, it took us only two days to find our home.

Errol and Linda’s knowledge of real estate, the region, the climate, local service providers, what was needed in house, etc. was invaluable to us. We were completely caught unaware of what we needed to know to own Arizona property. Errol and Linda made all the anxiety disappear. They had answers for everything. They even arranged for a pool because we needed one installed. Everything I needed from them, they provided.”

—Elina Pongratz

Testimonial #9

“What stands out to me as being a unique benefit in working with Errol and Linda is their strong negotiating skills, their promptness in getting back to us, and their amenability in showing us homes 2 to 3 times, anytime we wanted. They are wonderful, caring people who are professisonal and operate with a very good code of ethics.”

—Eliza Anderson

Testimonial #10

“Errol and Linda were very helpful, always on time and prepared. What I valued  most about them was their great experiences  (market predictions, short sale and foreclosure knowledge, which neighborhoods will hold their value, value pricing, etc.). They clearly know what they are doing. They even have enough experience with short sales  to know what each bank is like. They predicted every move along the way and was accurate.

 Errol and Linda are also great people. They have good predictions of where the market will be and where it is now. They make a great team.”

—Joshua Saiz

Testimonial #11

“Errol and Linda are the nicest, most genuine relators we have ever met. They are also very thorough. They came to us with a binder full of listings in price ranges we were looking for and areas we were looking at. They came very prepared. In fact, it was shocking how prepared they were. It took us only two days to close a deal—the fastest purchase we’d ever been through.

 Then, after we purchased the condo, they made sure it was cleaned, done to perfection. They also offered to help us put things in our condo for us, as we were shipping a few items from Canada. They also volunteered to check on our property, flush toilets, whatever we needed. Errol and Linda go above and beyond. We had a good feeling about them when we met them. They weren’t sketchy salesmen. Now, they have became our friends. We fell in love with them.”

—Lara Bischoff

Testimonial #12

 “A mutual friend introduced me to Errol and Linda and told me how great they are. We haven’t been disappointed one bit. They are excellent realtors. They keep us updated on anything that is going on—new listings, homes that have dropped in price, updates on any homes that have the criteria we are looking for, etc. I have signed up to receive daily updates from them on their website.”

—Susie Filipovich

Testimonial #13

“Linda and I had an instant relationship on phone. She was very personable and didn’t force anything on me. I told her what I was looking for. I could tell we had the same taste in homes. She only sent me homes that she knew I would like. Linda communicated with me via emails after I sent her the price range and criteria I was looking for. I’m very visual, so she sent me photos, along with the criteria of each home that was available.

 I truly benefitted from Errol and Linda’s profesionalism. They are trustworthy and honest and I didn’t feel pressured to make a sale. I also didn’t get constant calls from them. They let me take my time and I actually placed more calls to them. I’m from Dakota and the people there are very friendly. Sometimes when you’re out of state it can be intimidating working with someone in another state. It wasn’t intimidating working with Linda at all.”

—Thersia Hersch

Testimonial #14

 “Initially, we hired a real estate firm to sell our house. When our home had been on the market for 8 months, with little to no activity, we decided to find new representation. Everyone we interviewed would tell us vague suggestions on what we needed to change or update to sell the home. They weren’t honest with us. Then, Linda called me. She was polite and welcoming and honest. After actively marketing our house for 3 months, they sold it.

 They also found us our new home. When Errol and Linda met with us, they wanted to hear what our needs were. They came across very honest and listened to what we needed. Then, they maintained constant  contact with us. They successfully found us a home and a rental, and made very good financial moves for us. I am proud to say that they have also become our friends.”